“Dance is a performing art built upon the ebb and flow of muscular tension. Through muscular tension, dancers express their aesthetic sensibilities. …The building and resolution of tensions we experience in performance touches us deeply -- kinesthetically, emotionally, and spiritually. At the heart of a dancer's training lies the cultivation of muscular effort - its degree, sensibility, precision, and refinement...

Many artists - actors, musicians, as well as dancers - have found the Alexander Technique to be a powerful way to enhance performance. Aficionados say that the Alexander Technique is "the technique under all techniques," because it is a process of embodied thinking, sensing, and acting. Through studying the Alexander Technique, dancers can move with greater ease, poise, and accomplishment, regardless of the movement style."                    

Glenna Batson, PT, MA (Dance)


“I have taught musical theater students and conducted musicals at USC for eleven years. I have been Music Director for the San Diego Civic Light opera for fourteen. My wife, Narcissa Vanderlip, (Producing Executive Director of ETC-Ensemble Theatre Company) and I have both experienced the value of studying Alexander Technique with Babette for ourselves.

Babette designed a special curriculum for children who have trained in musical theatre with us and performed for ETC. We have seen tremendous growth in many young performers who have worked with Babette. She has also brought invaluable expertise to the young professional actors and dancers of our partner, Boom Kat Dance Theatre, helping them with physical challenges and fine-tuning their performances.  We heartily recommend her."
Parmer Fuller, Ph.D.
Narcissa Vanderlip, Producing Executive Director, ETC-Ensemble Theatre Company


joe orrach receiving applause

“I have performed on stages worldwide for over 20 years. My shows include tap dancing, physical comedy, singing, jump roping, jazz, boxing and storytelling.

Still performing in my 50's, I notice my body and voice don't respond quite the same way they have in the past.  Since I began applying the basic fundamentals of the Alexander Technique, my 'instrument' has started to reawaken.

I am very impressed because, in the past, much of my learning came from watching and imitating.  In Alexander Technique class (USC Graduate Program in Theatre) Babette breaks the Technique down and facilitates learning by being sure her students understand both the principles and practical application of the Technique to art and life.”

Joe Orrach, Performing Artist