“Of all the disciplines that form the actor training program, none is more vital, enriching and transformative than the Alexander Technique.”

Harold Stone, Associate Director, Theatre Department, Juilliard School, NY


“The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralyzing stage fright.”

William Hurt, Actor


“The Technique's many benefits for actors include minimized tension, centeredness, vocal relaxation, and responsiveness, mind/body connection and about an inch and a half of additional height.”

Kevin Klein, Actor


Babette's work is invaluable for the actor's process. She applies Alexander principles to the challenges faced by performers with skill, precision, and masterly insight. 

David Bridel, Director, playwright, professor, USC and UCLA School of Theatre


“Babette Markus is a wonderful teacher - caring, knowledgeable, experienced, and a great Alexander practitioner.  Her Alexander work with the MFA students really supports them in the voice work they do with me. I recommend her highly to everyone!” 

Natsuko Ohama, Actor, Professor, Head of Vocal Training for MFA Program, USC School of Theatre


"Working with Babette on Alexander Technique is an essential part of my work as an actor. Utilizing the principles of Alexander Technique helps me discover the physicality of a character which is healthy and sustainable for me as the actor without compromising the sincerity and truthfulness of the character."
Jason Turner MFA Actor ,USC

"Babette not only has a magic touch and a life time of valuable experience to bring to the table, but the patience it takes to see you through a legitimate change. One that lifts your basic motor control, breath, and vocal ability to higher awareness and takes you to a deeper understanding of how your body really can work for you the way it was designed!" 

Eric Schulman, MFA Student, USC School of Theatre


"Initially I thought that the Alexander Technique would only influence my movement and acting work in performance, but amazingly it is relevant to every area of my life. I'm especially grateful for the increased sense of awareness I have about the way I use my body, which has helped me to manage stress more effectively. I used to suffer from chronic headaches and migraines, but I've reduced the number of headaches I get by noticing signs of stress in my body earlier, and using Active Rest as a preventative measure. Working with Babette has been a great experience."

Malika Williams, Actor, MFA program, USC


"Working with Babette taught me how crucial a well-balanced and finely tuned instrument is in performance. I now have an awareness of muscle constriction, shortened spine, and other restrictions that prevent me from responding impulsively to internal or external stimuli. Performance anxiety and fear often cause an actor to constrict, hold back, and become unbalanced in their skeletal system. Babette's Alexander Technique classes helped me open my instrument – my body and voice - and freed my impulses to respond instinctively in the moment of performance."

Prema Rosaura Cruz, MFA Theatre, USC