Feel Better

I specialize in working with people who suffer from repetitive strain injuries. For many years I taught “Alexander Technique for Fitness Instructors” and “Ergonomics and Alexander Technique” at UCLA Extension.  In 1999 I created a program called “Bio-Ergonomics / Alexander Technique” (The BEAT Training); *see www.BEAT.cc.  to teach people how to adapt the body in movement to solve workplace challenges.  My students have been able to:

- Reduce the muscular pain and fatigue associated with sitting all day

- Relieve eyestrain and headaches 

- Minimize the risk of repetitive strain and injury

- Make informed decisions about how to design or adapt to a worksite

- Understand and apply ergonomic principles at home, work, or in the car

- Improve their coordination in their everyday lives

You can learn how to relieve pain and improve comfort as you move from the car to the office or kitchen, to the park or the gym.  Whether you want to work more efficiently or get a good night’s sleep, these principles become yours to use – throughout your day, for the rest of your life.


"As a result of Babette’s teaching, I can stand with greater comfort and for longer periods of time than I could before. I can sit at my desk and work with minimal back strain.  I walk and move with greater comfort.  When I begin to feel tightness or strain in my back or neck, I now know how to recognize the problem and how to adjust my physical attitude to find relief. "

Marvin E. Krakow, Attorney, Santa Monica, CA

For more information, see www.BEAT.cc