At The Computer


Most of our work is below and in front of us, demanding that we employ our manual dexterity at close visual range.  Freeze where you are at this moment and observe yourself:  Is your neck hunched forward as you read this?  Or is your head balanced lightly on top of your spine?  Are you rounding your shoulders forward or collapsing downwards with your torso? Are you straining to sit up straight?  Or are your feet and sit-bones supporting you as you rest comfortably with an easy upright tone in your body?  Once we learn to notice and efficiently change how we manage the body in daily activities, we can enjoy them knowing that we can avoid injury and be more effective at any task.


"I was suffering from TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome), a condition similar to the constriction of carpal tunnel syndrome, except in the shoulder/neck area. Alexander lessons with Babette helped me to relearn how to use my body in an efficient, non-stressful way. It has been a long road to recovery, but with Babette’s patience, humor and vast knowledge on the subject, I am on my way to health."

-Paul Muller,  Real Estate Development and Investments.


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