"I have been impressed with Babette's teaching and practice of Alexander Technique on several levels. First, her ability to assess dysfunction in body movement by observation and by touch has provided me with a non-invasive, user-friendly way to improve my posture and gait. Second, I have referred some of my patients to her who required an understanding of the connection between mood disorders and physical discomfort; they appreciated her non-judgmental and supportive teaching methods. Finally, her comprehensive academic training coupled with a natural ability to engage her students allows her to be effective with individuals and groups regardless of the extent of their body awareness."

Anita B. Siegman, Ph.D., Clinical Faculty, Dept. of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine


“The Alexander work was so gentle, yet so profoundly powerful in the numerous changes and benefits it produced in my body and my life.  Amongst the changes, it broke up my long-held patterns that after years of struggle with weight, I was able to easily make a life style change, that with the help of Weight Watchers lost 37 pounds and have kept if off for over 7 years.”

Andy Lipkis, Founder and President, TreePeople


"Not only do I see the therapeutic benefits of this work with various patients’ problems, but it has helped me deal effectively with my own adverse muscular tension. I continue to experience a newfound freedom of movement in my own body that I believe is making me a more effective therapist."

Howard W. Makofsky, MS, OCS, Mastic Beach, NY


"Babette Markus's proficiency in Alexander instruction was nothing short of amazing to me.  Granted, I was a special case:  two weeks into her course, I was struck bodily by a car and suffered massive muscular injury.  A short bout of physical therapy followed, but I was faced with learning how to use my body all over again.  Babette helped me to do that.  Now, I endeavor to use Alexander in every moment of my daily life, whether personal or professional. " 

Clifford Warren Smith, Actor, MFA program, USC