For Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Specialists Recommend Alexander Technique for Back Pain and More

"I found the Technique to be so beneficial in relieving my condition that I have been referring patients in certain situations for Alexander lessons over the last several years."

Howard L. Rosner, MD Director, Pain Management Service.
New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center New York, NY

"I recommend people to the Alexander Technique who have not improved with traditional rehabilitative therapies. Some of their pain may be due to compressed posture and the improper use of their bodies. Many people who have neck or back pain and have gone through heat, ultrasound and massage with no relief can be helped by learning the Alexander Technique. It definitely works. Nothing works for everyone, but as one well-versed in using physical therapy and biofeedback, I know how valuable this technique is. I highly recommend it."

Barry M. Schienfeld, MD, Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine and Pain Management, Community General Hospital, Harris, NY

"Lessons in the Alexander Technique taught me how to sit in a state of lumbosacral poise, and my chronic low back pain gradually became cured. The Technique is true education. Compared to surgery (e.g., for low back pain or for chronic obstructive lung disease) a course of instruction is inexpensive."

John H.M. Austin, MD

Professor of Radiology; Chief, Division of Radiology Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center New York, NY