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This is the official site of the American Society for the Alexander Technique. 
Find certified Alexander Technique instructors, information, articles and books on the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles, ATI-LA;  Certified Teacher Training in the Alexander Technique; Santa Monica, CA -

Highly informative site by Robert Rickover

This site highlights Yale Professor Jessica Wolf’s work combining the teaching of F.M. Alexander and the Breathing Coordination work of Carl Stough.

USC School of Dramatic Arts; University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA

CalArts School of Theatre; California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA


NEWSFLASH : British Medical Journal study shows 85% reduction in back pain through lessons lessons in the Alexander Technique

ATEAM Study – 

See the full ATEAM study at:

O Magazine, Oprah Winfrey – “A Dramatic Cure for Back Pain” –

in the Alexander Technique

Check out YouTube: Alexander Technique BMJ Study, part 1 and 2

Mornum Time Press is a small press specializing in books on education, with its first five titles focusing on the F. M. Alexander Technique.

David Bridel, Director, Playwright, Teacher

Natsuko Ohama, USC School of Theatre, Head of MFA Vocal Training program

Boom Kat Dance Theatre

Ensemble Theater Company – non-profit, community based, educational children’s musical theater

Joe Orrach, actor, dancer, singer and solo artist


Dr. Karl Snider, DMA, Instructor of Voice at Loyola Marymount University

AmSat Certified Instructor of the Alexander Technique

Glenna Batson, PT, MA (Dance), Alexander Technique Teacher, AMSAT



Nick Erickson, Photographer,

Clifford Smith, Photographer, Actor, MFA USC School of Theatre, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Devin Begley, Begley and Clark Photography,