"Alexander Technique has been extremely effective in helping people to reduce physical tension and minimize their risk of stress-related injuries and illnesses.   Babette Markus has been a national leader in teaching these skills not only to people who benefit directly from these innovative methods but also to other expert trainers. "
- Gary Small, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA Semel Institute for Neurosciences and Human Behavior;  Director, UCLA Center on Aging, Los Angeles,  CA


Alexander Technique is the study of the “Use of the Self” - the interactions of our body and nervous system. Or, simply, how we do what we do - how we walk, sit, stand, speak, breathe, and react to stress.

We move around all day, seldom considering the choices we make about those movements.  We’re on autopilot.  We typically think about what we wish to accomplish, but we rarely pay attention to how we get there.  The result is we often expend more mental and physical tension than we need. 

We know what that feels like at the end of the day, and it’s not the ‘good tired’ that comes from working smart.
Teaching Alexander Technique for thirty years has made me adept at demystifying your movement problems.  Together we will examine your unique movement patterns that may be contributing to your recurrent body aches and pains.  A clear picture of the underlying behavior, which establishes the characteristic patterns, will emerge.

I will guide you into activity by putting gentle hands-on, while simultaneously engaging your thinking in a new way, so that you will experience a sense of expansion and wellbeing.  In series of lessons you learn that you can make conscious choices that will result in greater flexibility in movement, thought and action.